Sunday, 21 March 2010

I know I am not perfect but...

... I am so close, it scares me.

That was the quote that was on a t-shirt I bought on holiday once when I was a kid.  In truth, I know I am not perfect - but then who is? No one I guess, yet some people, while perhaps acknowledging their own imperfections, seem unwilling to accept that others may be less than perfect. Alexander Pope said 'To err is human.' Now, he would probably say 'it's human to fuck up'.  I fucked up. How? Well, trusting an 'ex' friend would go their own way, allow me to go mine, was my first mistake.

Recently, someone I had thought of as an online friend, whom I met through the Michael Sheen fan community, lets call her "M", stopped following me on twitter. I was a little hurt by this as there had been no explanation as to why, and I had always liked her and thought we got on. When asked, M claimed that they no longer followed Michael,nor his fansites or indeed any of his fans. This was quickly exposed as a lie. I asked why I was being lied to, and just got the brush off. Oh well - I thought - their loss, and moved on.

How naive I was to assume it ended there?

It has since transpired that the reason M stopped following me on twitter (and Facebook) was because of a conversation I had had on twitter with another friend, lets call her "C". Me & C get on quite well, she is a straight talking, shoot from the hip, no bullshit kinda gal, and she makes me laugh.   It had been brought to my attention (by M I might add) that a fan of Michael's was getting quite gushy on twitter, claiming that she was going to marry him, editing Wikipedia to add her name instead of his girlfriends... etc etc. Borderline stalker nonsense. However, it was obvious this girl was in highschool, and me & C, both being the wrong side of 30, found this amusing. Why? Probably because after life and love has kicked you in the nuts a few times, you forget what it is like to have an all-consuming-crush at that age.  Hands up - we made fun of her - but let me make this clear... IT WAS ONLY EVER BETWEEN THE TWO OF US.

We NEVER contacted the girl and tell her what we thought of her behaviour, however I do have a Direct Message sat on twitter from M saying that she had a mind to contact this girl about her tweets to Michael. She blamed 'people like her' for Michael distancing himself from his twitter fan.s I advised M not to, saying that at the end of the day, she is young and will probably be crushing on someone else in a week or two.

It seems slightly hypocritical then, that M decided to take offense on this girl's behalf and dropped me & C from her friends list. I have since that day, had a small twitter conversation with the girl in question, where she contacted me, and she agreed she was a bit over the top - we laughed about it and now we are cool.

Why did M lie to me about her reasons for dropping me as a friend? Since she dropped me & C from her friends, a few mutual acquaintances have come out of the wood work to say that she has lied to them in the past also. Glad to know I am not the only one.

As more and more of M's bullshit was revealed, C & I discussed in PRIVATE the hypocrasy of her behaviour, such as her gushing over Michael, and with other fans, and fansites (all of which she had claimed she didnt do anymore remember).  This is where I fucked up.  We should have had these PRIVATE discussions by DM, or on Facebook.

It seems that as well as a liar, and hypocrit, M was also a sneaky little spy. She was still looking at mine and C's twitter feeds.  She saw the convos.

What did she do with that info I hear you ask? She MESSAGED MICHAEL.

I mean.... what the fuck?  What kind of behaviour is that to involve a celebrity who had nothing what so ever to do with this, other than she knows both C and I are fans. She sent him copies of our tweets where we were being.. well, lets say ... less than complimentary about her.

Can I point out the obvious here.  Me & C had a PRIVATE conversation about M.  Now, I ask you, what the fuck has that got to do with Michael Sheen?  What exactly did she hope to accomplish with this. If it hadnt made me so angry I would have laughed...

Agreed, C and  I couldn't come out of this smelling of roses, but how much of tit is she making of herself?  What did she want him to do - send us a tweet telling us off?

I really dont have a clue. If she was that annoyed by our convo (that she should not have been looking at in the first place) then I would have thought more if her if she had just approached us directly, instead of being so underhand and sneaky.  The thing that really annoys me is by bringing Michael Sheen into this, she inevitably  involves my site, because all the site's visitors know that the admin of that site is me, Madnad.

But what I say on my own private twitter feed between myself and a friend is nothing to do with Michael Sheen or the site. What I say on there is me as me, not me as admin of  There is a definitive line between the two.  Needless to say, I have now protected my tweets and so they are no longer visible to people who are borderline stalkers themselves.  Just one of the stories I could tell you about M is when she tracked down a phone number to a radio station that was interviewing Michael and harassed them until they let her speak to them - needless to say, the DJ was NOT happy. 

Now, bearing in mind that I have several hundred members on the site, as well as several hundred on twitter, not to mention on the site's Facebook page, MySpace and Tumblr - thats a lot of people that I could quite easily name and shame this person to.

But I wont. 

Unlike M, I am better than that. I am not petty nor vindictive like she claims.  I just want to get back to having fun with the non-crazy fans. But be warned, I am not Bambie either.  If her harassment and deformation of my character continues - I will flame her ass all over the internet. 


  1. This is freaky Hedda Gabler-crazy style behaviour. I am unsurprised and glad you took the high road. You're a class act. Do not worry about petty small people. I am sure MS is smart enough to know who is class and who is trash. xoxoxox

  2. This is a very unfortunate situation. I can only repeat that I thank you for providing such a wonderful place for Sheen fans from all around the world to meet and chat about our favourite actor. Childish behaviour can be found on the internet and I'm sorry that it got to you. But you handled it the right way and I'm sure everybody knows who to trust in this situation. Keep your head high, darling!

  3. Chill, dude. Public people get stuff like this throwmn at them all the time: that is, the crazier side of fandom. He- or his PA- will have binned it as the nonsense it is. :)

    When's the next 'Embrace of th Lycan' chapter due, eh? *le poke*

    Gizmo xx

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